Our Cats

Blue Ladies

They are beautiful and elegant. And although quiet, they still fill the entire house with their discreet charm. It's not surprising that once the Russian Tsar chose these cats to be an enrichment to his chambers and offered them to the chosen courts as a precious and noble gift. It seems that the courtly life  remained in their blood!

Our house has also been enriched through their uniqueness. Anyone who sees them walking around or sitting and watching the guests, can not take the eyes off them.


Harmonious family

It is hard to describe just what a loving, friendly and happy family our cats create.

By nature gentle and peaceful, they really, really love each other.

The sisters, Fiona and Luna, cannot imagine a day without each other’s company and they do everything together. Together they also bring up their children. Fiona’s daughter, the lovely Aria, has stayed with us  and both the mother and the aunt express their joy of this fact ever since.

Every day, they surround us with their love and calmness, bringing into our live an  inexhaustible joy and beauty.

We are so lucky to have them with us.

Luna & Fiona


The most beautiful in the world

We are also proud to have the world beauty in our family. The beautiful Ruskis Zima of Blue Majesty, daughter of the World's best Russian Blues, is the representative of the American RUS type in our cattery. She is also our great love from the first sight and joy for every moment of the day.