It is amazing to look at the tiny Russian Blue kitten and know that its pink nose will soon become gray, blue eyes - green and that the round, furry, small ball will turn into a sleek slender figure.

Kittens of this breed are very curious, playful and sociable. First months of their life are decisive for their social development. Whether they would build a strong bond with their human companion, be confident, "brave" and understand that they are not allowed to destroy and scratch their owners’ precious things - it would all be determined at that stage. These first months are also crucial for their health and their diet at this point will have an impact on their whole lives.

Russian Blue queens feed their kittens for a very long period of time and they watch over their development; teaching, demonstrating, supervising. It's an amazing process.

We do our best to accompany this process giving them our knowledge and care. Kittens are part of our family and from the very beginning we teach them to love, trust and joyfully take part in everyday household activities. From the birth until the moment when the kittens leave our cattery being over 3 months old, usually we have one litter only, in order to give the kittens and their mother the full attention they need.

In our cattery, kittens are fed by their mother until they are at least 14 weeks old. Until they are about 6 weeks old, breast milk is their sole food. Gradually we introduce them to the natural BARF feeding (Biologically Adequate Raw Feeding). We prepare their food ourselves, on the basis of the well established knowledge on cats’ nutrition. Most of the meat we use comes from organic farming; from free-range, not genetically modified animals, free from antibiotics or hormones. We believe that all animals, not only our cats, deserve a good life.

Thanks to the features of their parents and to our great care and devotion, kittens from our cattery are distinguished by natural health and beauty and by a great affection and ease in building relationships with their human companions.

They are a real joy and pride of every home.


Little grey wonder

Luna and little Aston