The Russian Blue cat is the embodiment of elegance,
grace and beauty.

Enamored with them, we became breeders in order to
contribute to the development of these rare and unique

We strive to bring up healthy and loving kittens having
the finest features of the breed: emerald-green eyes,
beautiful blue coat and an elegant, graceful silhouette.
Our kittens are promising show cats but first and
foremost - they are healthy, gentle, loving pets.

We are dedicated to bring them up with our knowledge,
love and care. We are a rare holistic cattery, one of very
few in Europe and even in the world. Our cats are on an
exclusive natural B.A.R.F. diet. We apply principles of
natural, holistic veterinary medicine. In 2013 we have
been awarded by the International Cat Association
with the “Outstanding Cattery” title.

Learn more by visiting our web-site.
And let yourself be charmed by our distinct cats.


We are members of:


Holistic Cattery

Outstanding Cattery 2013