Daily meal - the elixir

It is, however, not only the meat

Raw meat with the protein structure unchanged by cooking and with the enzymes and vitamins not destroyed at high temperatures, is the most natural and healthiest food for your cat. No processed food, even the best "scientifically approved" can be as optimal, as the fresh one.

But the meat itself does not give the cat all the necessary ingredients and it is the reason why veterinarians usually advise against self-feeding of animals. Only a complete B.A.R.F. method (Biologically Adequate Raw Feeding), which includes the right amount of meat, organs, bones, blood and components of vegetable origin, can ensure that the cat will be as ideally fed as it is in the nature.

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Complete Holistic Menu
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Holistic Menu Formula

Natural food - wholesome, unprocessed meat containing easily digestible minerals and vitamins exclusively of natural origin, is the best guarantee of health for your cat.

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