Your Blue Majesty Kitten

Adoption of a Blue Majesty kitty is a fascinating process, during which we co-operate with our kitten’s new family in its every phase. 

Our goal is to give life only to kittens that could live the most happy, healthy and good life. Please accept that we will put many questions before we will finally be able to choose a new home for our kittens.
On the other hand, we are happy to answer all your questions and on our part we guarantee a happy, healthy kittenhood and a good origin of our kittens.

Our guarantees:

- Blue Majesty cats come from healthy, strong and harmoniously living parents, giving them a guarantee of high resistance and a lack of genetic diseases,

- Blue Majesty cats are chosen to contribute to the development of all beautiful characteristics of the breed. By a careful mating we complement the features of our cats so that they can achieve the ideal of a Russian Blue.

- Blue Majesty cats and kittens are surrounded every day with love and attention, which results in their harmonious, cheerful nature and ease in building a relationship with humans,

- Blue Majesty cats undergo thorough examination before each pregnancy in order to assess their strength and readiness for receiving babies. All our cats are tested against the absence of genetic, viral and other diseases which could be transferred to the next generation,

- Blue Majesty cats grow in the light of holistic principles, are naturally fed with fresh, home-made food (B.A.R.F method – Biologically Adequate Raw Feeding) and immunised with nosodes,

- Blue Majesty kittens are perfectly socialized, taught to spent most of their time with people, to be petted and cuddled. They are from the first day a part of the family spending 24 hours a day with us,

- we conduct temperament tests for every kitten in order to help the new families to make a best, individualised choice,

  1. -Blue Majesty cat owner can always count on our help and advice at every stage of his or her cat.

    - We strive to helping to all cats in need. We make regular donations to animal foundations and to cat shelters.

Guarantees we expect from a Blue Majesty cat owner:

- that the cat will live in love and care throughout her life and her needs will never be ignored,

- in the case of adoption by a family with children, ensuring that they will be taught how to treat the cat gently and with respect for her feelings,

- to the extent possible and in cooperation with us, that the natural nutrition and holistic care for the cat be continued.

Questions you may have to us:

Why do we breed cats?

Our first cat died due to severe illness, which development, among others, because of his early withdrawal from the mother, the harsh conditions in the shelter from which we adopted him and all diseases of the world he was infected with in his youth and which had irreversibly damaged and weakened his body. After his death, we realised that we couldn’t live a life without cats. We decided to adopt a cat who comes from strong, healthy parents, whose origin we knew and who would not be burdened with illness in his youth. The choice therefore fell on a cat from a professional cattery. However, this turned out to be not so easy and obvious, as we originally thought. There are also huge differences between breeders and in some catteries the conditions are not better than in shelters. They are also subject to less frequent inspections.
When we finally found the cattery and our cats, we decided to give them to the best, natural, healthy and happy conditions that a cat may have living with people. We did very extensive, in-depth studies in this field. Having learnt so much and witnessing our cats joy of life, we decided to share our knowledge and to to spread the holistic philosophy in which the good and natural health of a cat stands in the first place. We wanted our cats to be able to give life to the next, strong and healthy generation, which would grow in the vicinity of human love. Important was that this would already be the second or third, not only the first, generation of holistically raised cats. Further, we wanted to create a kind of cattery which we ourselves had been looking for, wanting to adopt a kitten. A cattery which would also help to learn how to healthy feed a cat, how to care for her, what is that she needs and how to fulfill those needs. A cattery which would guide you through the maze of information and advertisements about vaccinations, medicines, vitamins, pet foods, cat litters, etc.
Above all that, each new kitten coming into the world in our cattery, gives us enormous joy and happiness and each time it is for us a wonderful expansion of our family. We enjoy them immensely, we love each of them and their feelings to us reward the enormous work, effort and expenses we put into breeding.

Why Russian Blue?

Once we have decided that we would adopt a pedigree cat (two of them), the next step was to choose the breed. We analysed and watched many breeds; there are so many beautiful cats! But we wanted a breed that was subtle, unobtrusive and delicate and the beauty of the Russian blue charmed us at the first sight. Furthermore, we did not want a breed created or manipulated to achieve specific features or colors. Russian Blue is a natural breed and its uniform color and always green eyes do not leave the field for detrimental genetical manipulation.
Furthermore, the character of these cats is exactly as we love it – a subtle, loving and graceful cat. Our cats fulfilled all these expectations to an even greater extent than we expected.
Our cattery strives to contribute to the development of these beautiful cats. We select the parents of our kittens carefully, trying to complement the features of our unique cats and finding them only truly exquisite partners. Our goal is that every kitten Blue Majesty could become a winner in its category, even if they are not going to become show cats.

Where is the cattery registered?
The Blue Majesty Cattery belongs to several associations of pedigree cats’ breeders in Poland and Germany. The associations control the mating of cats, the number of litters for one dam, issue certificates and pedigrees. In addition, we belong to Russian Blue  fanciers associations in Germany and the UK, through which we gain and share knowledge and experiences about the breed. Links to organisations we are members of can be found on our home page on

What conditions have the cats in our cattery?
We are unconditional opponents of cages, even those “professional, spacious and comfortable”. Our cats live with us at home, in conditions such as those as any cat lover wants to ensure for his or her beloved pet.  They take part in our everyday life; they are loved and coddled. With us at home also means that they simply have at their disposal the whole house - sleeping with us in the bedroom, sitting in the living room, eating in kitchen, lying on the terrace. They are never closed. They are never kept in any “cat room”, in the attic, garage, or garden house. Their freedom is never constrained and they have regular contact with the family, which they really need.

How many litters has the cattery per year?
Each of our cats can have only one litter per year in order for us to be able to provide as much of our time, attention and caresses as they need and not to cause undue jealousy between them, or God forbid - competition.

What are the health guarantees of our cats?
Our cats are tested against and the cattery free from all types of diseases: FPV, FVR, FCV, FeLV, FID, FIP, as well as parasites, fleas, mites. Each kitten receives a relevant certificate from the vet before the adoption. We also guarantee the absence of primary genetic defects. Details in this regard (the right to return the cat) are provided in the adoption contract.

Can the cats be visited?

Every cat lover is welcomed to visit our cattery. The future adoptive parents can also pay visits to the kittens, in order to make them acquainted with the new family. In order to protect their fragile state of health at that time, kittens can be visited after they finish first 7 days of life and can be held and petted by strangers as of their 4th week of age.

Are the cats exhibited?

No, our cats do not participate in cat shows. We consider them as a great place for breeders and cat lovers to meet, but unfortunately, there are not many cats who like them. Certainly, not a loving home and familiar faces around her Russian Blue cat. The travel, a day spent in a cage with plenty of other unknown cats around, people passing, megaphones, unknown smells, repeated handling by a judge - our cats said “no” and we accepted that they know the best what is good for them. We also did not want to give them sedatives which would enable them to endure such “attractions” easier.
Our cats, however, come from great blood lines with multiple champions and were evaluated by other breeders and judges who have confirmed their beauty and qualities that a perfect representative of the breed must have. Our Zima is a daughter of World Champions russian blues.
To ensure that our kittens have praiseworthy pedigrees and to demonstrate our efforts to contribute to raising really beautiful cats of this breed, we select their fathers from studs with  outstanding titles. On of our girls faithful boyfriends is son of the World Champion.

One cat or two?

People who spend more than 6 hours per day (more than half a day) outside home, should always consider having two cats. The cat is suffering and longing, when she is alone at home. Most of the time trying to sleep it over or living on her wits thinking what to do (which often means for the owners “what to destroy”). Paradoxically, boredom means stress for a cat and is not good neither for her character, nor the overall health. Two cats are a great company for themselves and you can leave them alone even for a long time. They develop harmoniously, peacefully and happily, and the fact that they are together in no negative way affects their relationship with people. When someone from the family appears on the horizon, becomes immediately the centre of the universe, no matter how interesting would a sister or brother be. For us, at the same time, observing cat plays and games is a great reward. There is much truth in the statement that who has two cats, has not twice, but ten times more joy and love than the owner of one cat.
As a rule it is better to adopt a same-sex couple. Males are bigger, stronger, and they play differently than females. Very quickly, the male cat can become dominant over female in a negative way and she may not be happy in such subordination. However, if the couple is taken together from one litter, an experienced breeder can help you to choose a male and female whose temperaments fit together, thereby eliminating these differences. Provided, however, that adequate kittens would occur in the litter.

Are kittens for adoption vaccinated?
All cats and kittens from our cattery are vaccinated with nosodes. Upon an request of the new owners and after a prior consultation with us and our holistic veterinarian, kittens can be vaccinated with allopathic vaccine (killed version) after completing 12. week of age against feline panleukopenia and cat flu. Additional allopathic (traditional) vaccinations can be conducted only in justified cases (eg. a legal requirement if a cat is to be exported outside the EU). In that case, the kitten would be prepared for vaccination with application of nosodes and homeopatic remedies (Thuja occidentalis).

Do cats get a layette? What is it necessary to buy for the newly adopted kittens?
Our kittens leave our home with a complete layette, providing everything they will need in their new home and ensuring that they will have some familiar things with them. The layette contains food for a week, favorite treats, litter box and cat litter, bowls, favorite toys and natural sheep fur on which they were sleeping with their Mom. Details about our layettes here.
Adoptive parents only need to buy a scratch post. It should be in place before the arrival of the kitten, so that it does not learn to scratch anything else. We can share with you our our experience for choosing the best scratch post.

What is the procedure of purchase of a Blue Majesty kitten?

Interested in a Blue Majesty kitten can contact us to be included in a list. By conversations, if possible and preferably personal meeting, we try to get to know the prospective family and if we have no doubts about the new home for our kitten, we sign the reservation contract, which is based on advance payment. From that moment on the kitten will not be offered to anyone else. The issue of withdrawal from the reservation is ruled by the reservation agreement.
To future “parents” we regularly send information about kittens’ development and pictures. At any time, they can also be visited by the new family.
Kittens can leave our house as of the end of the 13th to 16th week of age. We agree the exact date according to preferences of the new family and to retain weekly intervals between successive adoptions (in view of their mother’s well-being).
An adoption contract is signed at the day of the adoption. We hand then also all documentation - pedigrees, health books, health certificates, our materials on nutrition and pet care. Payment for the kitten can be made in cash, check or wire transfer upon presenting the proof of payment.

How the kittens are transferred to their new homes?
If possible and unless the new family wishes otherwise, we will do our utmost to bring the kitten to its new home. The cost of travel up to 100 km we are ready to cover ourselves. If the new house is far away, we try to choose the best possible and affordable way to get there and the costs or the travel are in that case to be covered by the new family. We also prepare all the necessary formalities for a kitten to be adopted abroad.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we breed cats?

  2. Why Russian Blue?

  3. Where is cattery is registered?

  4. What conditions the cats have?

  5. How many litters has the cattery per year?

  6. What are the health guarantees?

  7. Can the cats be visited?

  8. Are the cats exhibited?

  9. One cat or two?

  10. Are kittens vaccinated?

  11. Do cats get a layette? What is it necessary to buy for the newly adopted kittens?

  12. What is the procedure of purchase of a Blue Majesty kitten?

  13. How the kittens are transferred to their new homes?