Zima is a very special girl in our family. She was my unexpected birthday present, as “the most beautiful Russian Blue in the world”. And she truly is. Her parents were among TICA World Champions and are presented as examples of the breed on the Wikipedia.

She has moonlight-silver-blue coat, long and elegant body and a sweet, smiling face. Her eyes are emerald-green already in a young age. Her profile, ear-set, chin, long legs are all proud features inherited from her world champion family. She could conquer the world herself!

We are very honoured to have been selected by the world famous breeder, Ms Franziska Waldmann, to be the new family for Zima. We know that it is not enough to want and to afford to have such a cat but that it has to be well deserved as well. We hope to ensure with our knowledge and philosophy of our cattery, that the wonderful Zima will be among the most beautiful and the most healthy cats in the world. 


A beautiful princess




Zima’s parents