Fiona has a character so graceful that she is difficult to resist, no matter whether one sees her for the first time or knows her for years. Her courage and confidence are almost surprising for this breed - no matter what happens, she must always be there and observe everything carefully. As if watching over her home and her loved ones. She is incredibly devoted; it seems that she would defend those whom she loves with her own body.

She loves to dance with her Mistress to Frank Sinatra songs. As soon as she hears Fly Me to the Moon, she immediately jumps into her arms!

She is also a wonderful mother - patient and extremely sensitive. When with her children, she is dedicated solely to them and she truly enjoys their company. And apart of being a great mother, she is our sweet scapegrace - clever and always willing to come up with a new game. She can play fetch endlessly!

In her appearance the most fascinating are her large, widely spaced eyes, big ears and a beautiful profile. She has a deeply blue shade of the coat.





Elegance and confidence