Filciu was the first new member of our then freshly baked family. Rescued from a shelter in the advanced stages of fatal FCV, with all the viruses, fleas, and worms and mites. He was a picture of misery and despair and we took him in spite of everything and everyone. Well, surprising also ourselves a little, as we intended to adopt a brindle, healthy female ...!

After weeks of bitter fighting and sleepless nights, Filciu overcame the disease and gained strength, shine in the eyes and the desire to play. He loved us more than anything, and we loved him equally. We could not imagine our life without him. Unfortunately, the experiences from the shelter left their stigma - Fil’s kidneys were damaged by the disease and drugs. Despite our great efforts and investments and his stubborn desire to live and reconciliation to all treatments - Fil left us on one May day ...

He will live forever in our hearts.

Here is Filciu’s last will:

"All the most valuable things I had I want to offer, so that they would not pass away with me:

the warm laps and loving hands stroking my neck,

the good voice, which reassured me in the terrible moments and always responded to my mew,

the games, the hide-and-seek and catch-a-leg,

the cover under which I could go at night when I felt cold or lonely,

the care and love and soothing words when I was sick and weak,

my Lady’s forehead for rubbing,

my Master’s pencils to drop on to the floor

my favorite plate and the blanket on the windowsill.

Let them continue to bring good luck.

And let my illness teach you a lot and help the others to gain health. "


Our first friend