Aria is our pride; our adorable little girl who grew up to an elegant lady. She is always calm, smiling (literally!) and happy, in particular, when she can spend her time with my husband.

We have kept her without hesitation for her beautiful features and coat but first and foremost for her love. We have never seen such cheerful and loving kitty before.

She can sense our moods and then climbs up on our laps looking into our eyes and smiling in a way that makes every mood a good one! And she usually sleeps on our pillow or snuggles under the cover...

Aria has inherited all of Fiona’s beautiful features and her father’s silvery plush coat and the ear-set characteristic of the modern FiFe type. From her father’s side she has TICA/CFA standard ancestors.

My husband always says, she’s our Monica Bellucci.

Joyful sparkle