“Ich bin absolut glücklich mit meiner Russisch Blau Dame von Blue Majesty.

Von Anfang an war es ein schönes Erlebnis. Die Züchterin Lucie hat sich mehr als herzlich um alle meine Fragen und Sorgen gekümmert, und ist auch über die Adoption hinaus auch jetzt, noch immer für mich und die Katze da. Sie vermittelte mir über viele Themen der Katzenhaltung neues fundiertes Wissen und zeigte mir speziell im Bereich der Ernährung welcher Weg der Beste ist für die Katze.

 Es ist an dem Charakter der Katze klar zu erkennen was für eine Meisterleistung Lucie vollbracht hat und ich bin einfach nur begeistert und dankbar dafür. Meine Katze ist liebevoll, sanft, neugierig, und ich merke an ihr das sie von Anfang an nichts als Liebe erfahren hat. Ich kann Lucie nicht oft genug für meinen kleinen Engel danken, und empfehle jedem ohne jeglichen Zweifel die "Blue Majesty Holistic Cattery".

 Die Zucht hat meine volle Unterstützung und für Rückfragen stehe ich jederzeit zur Verfügung”.


“From the moment we discovered the Blue Majesty family online to the moment our new kittens arrived in our home Lucie and Mark have offered us the perfect level of support, information and care.

Our kittens provide the best way to highlight the excellent start in life that Lucie and Mark give to this wonderful breed. The kittens are healthily, happy and very loving. Their diet and health care is simple to continue and you also know that Lucie is always happy to answer questions and provide ongoing advice. We would thoroughly recommend Blue Majesty as the perfect place to find perfect feline friends.”


“I had the pleasure of coming across Blue Majesty when I was searching for that special Russian Blue kitten I’ve wanted for years. I had enquired with many breeders before but they either did not have a kitten available or was only interested in quickly selling their kittens off and hardly asking questions. It seemed unprofessional as breeders and uncaring about the future welfare of the kittens, which deterred me from dealing with them.

When I came upon Blue Majesty I was impressed with the amount of information that was available on the website in terms of the breed, the Russian blue cats that they have and their philosophy as a breeder. All of this showed how much they really care about their cats and not only ensure that they have Russian Blues that are genetically of high quality but also of good temperament. It was also the first holistic cattery I’ve heard of and the first time about raw feeding. I was intrigued but also worried at the same time of the prospect of having to feed the kitten a raw diet since I’ve never done it before. Lucie was very helpful in giving me more information about raw feeding to lessen my concerns and would answer any questions I had. She had also asked me questions to make sure that the kitten was going to a good home.

My husband and I went to Germany to pick Enbi up so we got to meet Lucie, Mark, their Russian Blues, Fiona, Luna, Aria, Zima and the 2 litters of kittens. It was amazing to see so many Russian Blues. They are all of such great temperament, gentle and playful at the same time. While visiting, Lucie explained raw feeding concepts I was still not sure about and gave me some literature on raw feeding to clear up any uncertainties I had. When we left I was pleasantly surprised that Lucie gave us a big bag full of things to get us started with our kitten such as some litter, a litter tray, a bowl with Enbi’s name, some toys, nail clipper, some treats and even some raw food she had prepared. We were also given a traveling container for Enbi’s journey in the car so that he would travel safely with us. I had never met a breeder that is so thorough. She definitely helped make it easier for someone to adopt a kitten from her and this would greatly benefit a first time cat/kitten owner. Lucie continues to keep in touch with everyone that has adopted a Russian Blue from her and is always willing to answer any questions.

Enbi, the kitten I adopted from Blue Majesty is the most affectionate and loving kitten I’ve ever had which reflects how good of a breeder Blue Majesty is and I am so happy I have him. He is calm, confident and so playful, and I could see when I was at Lucie’s place that all the cats and kittens had similar traits.

Judging from my personal experience with this breeder and the cats from this breeder, I would absolutely recommend Blue Majesty to anyone wanting a Russian Blue”.


“First time when we came in Marlen to visit Lucie and her cats, that was just fabulous! Loving, happy, healthy home and cats. Her ladies are Beautiful Russian Blue cats, elegant, healthy and very sociable. What a cattery!

Lucie shares all her cat knowledges, and her passion. When we had the luck to adopt our Donnie Herms, that was a wonderful happy time. Before meeting him, we used Skype and watched pictures...to be prepared to meet HIM with Lucie’s help. Before having our kitten at home, Lucie gave us some books references and website really useful to prepare for his arrival! So nice and interesting.

When we came to pick up Donnie Herms, everything was prepared, nice holistic food, natural toys, natural litter...everything! So nice, natural, holistic and with high quality!

Our kitten is joyful, sociable, beautiful,and loving! We are so happy with him and our live has changed because of Lucie and her cat s passion. Because of her, we have a healthy happy cat, and I wish to people who love cats to meet her and her girls! And to become happy parents!

All the best to the Blue Majesty Holistic Cattery!”


"One of the best. If you are planning to adopt russian blue breed, Blue Majesty Holistic Cattery is the place to be...."


“Ich denke mir sehr oft dass Cherie Cho so schön ist wie nur selten ein Kater - ich persönlich habe nie einen schöneren gesehen - weder von Charakter noch von Aussehen :)))

Er liebt mich und ich liebe ihn - er bringt mir immer meine Pullover. Wenn ich Abends auf dem Sofa sitze, holt er sie aus meinem Schrank und bringt sie zu mir, und wenn ich ein Pulli im Wohnzimmer vergesse, dann wache ich am nächsten Morgen auf und er hat es mir aufs Bett gelegt:)))) süßer kann kein kater jemals sein!!!”


“I absolutely love Enbi. Everyone who meets him love him. Our friend from Canada that is visiting took him to bed one night before I knew about it and if I'm not careful he might take him!

We have been so lucky with him; he's so loving. Thank u for him. If i know of anyone who wants a Russian blue kitten I would ask them to contact you!”


“We all know how important it is to give a right supports and love to cats, and you probably see this importance everyday. And I am truly thinking you are doing a good job as a breeder and good mother & farther for them ^^.

Then, this explains to me why your cats are special to me. I actually investigated almost all Russian Blue cats in the U.K. Everyone is talking about standards and medals. However, on the top of that, I was looking for much special feeling from a mother cat, a love sign. I don't know how to describe this exactly, but all of your cats have relax, warm, peaceful faces ^^.”


“I also would like to thank for your great efforts for your cattery. Your passion for Russian Blue and other cats inspires me in different aspects, also educating me in a way. I feel I still have many things to learn to be a super-good mom for my kittens, however, I am very happy that I have you as a great supporter and adviser. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

I haven't started my diary for my kittens on online yet, however, I believe our e-mails which we had so far are already good records. They include my developing thinking ways and me getting ready for my kittens with the advice from you”.


“We had a lovely time in Marlen, thank you for the good time. It was a pleasure to see you, And good to see the cats finally live! They are quite smaller and slimmer than we expected and we think that is probably because of raw meals. We loved the eating sound 'chap-chap-chap'  when they were eating^^!

It was far better than seeing photos. I have already fallen in love with kittens (even before they were born) and Luna & Fiona & Aria. Now also my husband fell in love with kittens and the beauty of Russian Blue!

And we love that they are such elegant creatures, clever, sometimes lively, meowing pleasantly. Also, importantly, we loved the each distinct character, for instance, Luna loved her carrot-toy ^0^, and Aria was watching the rabbit and Fiona was a bit shy and kept walking around her kittens while we are watching them. I had to smile when thinking  about it on our way back. We would like to know each kitten's character more as well later on”.


“Donnie Herms is doing great, he is growing a lot, and he is loving, sleeping with me every night, on my pillow or head... We love him so so much, he is like my baby...

We went to visit my family with him; such a long drive but he was peaceful, enjoying some hotels! My mum loved him and wanted to keep him! ;) So nice holidays with him!

He is a big boy with a baby mindset with me... So funny to see the difference in his behaviour with my husband and with me!

So again, many thanks, he is changing our lives!”


Blue Majesty

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